We are all House Negroes now

Zawahiri needs to keep Malcolm's name out his mouth. But more to the point, fools need to retire words like "house Negro" and "Uncle Tom." Not because they're mean, but because so few black folks actually talk that way anymore. There are many ways of insulting your fellow blacks for all manner of offenses. It's an insult to any black person whose ever played the dozens to have these weak cliched terms out there. I know we can do better than "House Negro." Personally I prefer, "Sucka Nigga," but hey that's just me. Also, in terms of other people, I've always loved "self-loathing Jew." Whenever I hear term I understand what it must feel like to be white and want to call yourself a nigger. I mean it's so poetic and grand--not fool, not idiot, not chump but "self-loathing Jew." Awesome.