Respect the architects

One thing I'd ask for folks, who enjoy the poetry they read here, to do, is support the writers we highlight. I know a few folks have commented that they've purchased the books. In most cases you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon, or even better, at your local independent bookstore. Just a note on keeping the art of alive. The audience for poetry is, regrettably, so small these days. But the art is so important. Frankly, I believe all writers, starting out, should study, and write, poetry. You will most certainly not end up being a poet, and most of what you write will suck--I know this all too well--but when you go to other forms, you will know things that your peers don't. Poetry focuses on many of the essentials of writing, but it does it in a concentrated form. The great Thomas Sayers Ellis once told me poetry doesn't belong to poets. In other words other writers can benefit from spending some time studying--and deploying--the art.