Presidents to represent me...

Live-blogging commences soon. For now, go ahead and start talking. I'll jump in like 7-ish...

11:27 WTF?? This is the cleanest John McCain has sounded ALL election. Is this the same dude that gave that horrid "That's not change you can believe in" speech? He sounds almost unburdened in defeat.

11:18 Is anyone watching Jesse on MSNBC? He's bawling. Who can blame him.

11:08 Woke the boy up. Kenyatta just came in the door. I'm out in Brooklyn with my great, great editor Chris Jackson and his lovely wife Sarah. We are about to toast. Samori is holding a glass but falling out. Folks, here we go. What did Nas say? If I ruled the world?

10:53 CNN calls it--we did it guys. It's done.

10:52 FOX calls Virginia for Obama. Oh my. Fox just wants this night to be over with. That said--a black Dem taking Virginia is just gigantic. 

10:49 Will.I.AM. discussing Obama via hologram on CNN--scary on multiple levels.

10:00 Iowa goes to Barry. The sleeper hold tightens a little more...

9:51 From the Dept of Can't Beat 'Em, claim credit. I'm listening to Karl Rove and Chris Wallace claim that Obama "moved to the center" and didn't campaign as a liberal. Last week he was a socialist. Now he's Reagan. 

9:36 From Andrew:

Ohio! Obama won every age group under 60. He won 64 percent of the under-30s. This is Obama's achievement; but it is also Karl Rove's. 

9:24 Fox projects Ohio for Obama. The sleeper-hold tightens. And NBC.

8:49 Yglesias has the goods on the dishonorable Joe Lieberman.

8:38 Listening to Smerconish talk Pennsy. Man Palin killed them. Absolutely murdered them.

8:36 Georgia to McCain. I know you tried Hotlanta.

8:24 Grats to Kay Hagan.

8:10 Just saw Pennsy went for Barry. That's curtains.I'm serious. It's curtains.

7:46 Si se puede, Katai! And T.D. Jake wasn't so bad...

7:41 Wait, T.D. Jakes is an election analyst???

7:37 Exit Poll Data. You guys are probably up on this, but here it is. Please take this as what it is--early indicators. Could be true. Could not be true.

Ohio: Obama +8
New Mexico: Obama +9
Virginia: Obama +9
Pennsylvania: Obama +15
Missouri: Obama +7
Florida: Obama +4
7:32 I'm here folks. Let's go.