He ain't a crook, son

Just heard on MSNBC--for the 111th time--some fool claim that Dems should fear controlling Congress and the White House, because they won't be able to blame the GOP for anything. Any politico who talks like that deserves to get their head kicked in today. It's not that I don't think Dems can fail--they most certainly can. But this idea that somehow standing on the corner theorizing about what you'd do if you had your gun, is superior to being fully armed and taking some shots--and potentially missing--is silly. OK, so I was single eons ago. I know how this goes. I've been the herb sitting across the way with the gorgeous brown-eyed girl staring at him, and thinking, "If she talks to me, I'll most certainly disappoint!" But had I stayed that way, I'd be a man without a family.

People who think losing is preferable to winning everything fall into one of two categories: One--utter and complete Shook Ones. Two--losers trying to make themselves feel better, when they should be trying to understand why they lost. It's hilarious logic. Could you imagine Tom Brady saying, "Man, if we win the Super Bowl, we'll have to defend and then everyone will be gunning for us!!" Or Ali saying, "Man, if I win the belt, I'll have to fight the best boxers in the world!" It's laughable. Of course Dems might fail. So what? Are we bout it or not? The GOP would swap places with them in a second. And if they wouldn't they need to get another profession.