European racism toward Obama--their problem not ours

It's been weirdly delightful to watch the racist invective roil out of the worst corners of Europe. I say delightful because it has no real sting--these guys are the dead-enders of the deadest of ends. They are rabid fans booing the visiting team--after the visiting team just stomped them 51-0. But this is the sort of thing that European folks need to remember the next time they're lecturing Americans on racism. As someone said in another comments thread, these people throw bananas at black players--their own black players--during soccer matches. The beauty of it all is that this it's their problem, not ours. This country should be proud, not that Obama won, but that he actually had an opportunity to compete. I can't imagine an Arab--or West African--President of, say, France. But maybe it'll happen. I don't know.

UPDATE: On another note, I better watch what I say. Didn't realize how many Euros I had reading. Better come hard if you're gonna go after the French.