Well it seems we've reached the end of a long journey. I actually was going to shut this blog down after the election. Then the Atlantic came along with their contracts and their wage-slavery. Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to say two things.

1.) There will be no more posting today. I take that thing about black folks and Obama winning and no work seriously. It's not a game, white folk.

2.) I owe all of you more than you know. I think my overlords would kill me if I divulged any traffic secrets. But I think I am free to tell you that, since joining the Atlantic, the viewership level has surpassed my wildest expectations. I expect to return to Earth with the end of the election. But I'd ask that those of you, who've liked what you've seen here, consider sticking around. I really do love a packed house party. I don't know what I'll do if I have to go back to DJing for myself.

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