Thug-Life Chronicles Cont.

I know a lot of us have been crowing over the nuts at the McCain rally, because they're unwittingly helping Barack. I think that nuts in either party are bad for the country. I generally feel that black people voting 9 to 1 for Dems is actually not a good thing. Black people support Dems because they're convinced, understandably, that the GOP is racist. But that's very different than blacks supporting Dems because they're 9-1 liberal. I prefer the latter--the former, not so much. Anyway, this is why I was heartened to see the following video. Bigots and idiots need to be purged out of our politics. I applaud that purging in both parties. Unfortunately, the McCain people now seem to have muzzled the dude. Oh well. Props to him anyway.

Peace to Asher for the link.