Thug-Life Chronicles Cont.

There's an interesting parallel between Michele Bachmann's nutty American nationalism, and the essentialism of the old "Keepin it Real" hip-hop heads. But it's Friday, and my baby is bringing me home some Macallan's--the 12-year, fools. (What can I say? It's been a good week.) I'll simply add that Bachmann makes me proud to be an American--proud and extremely thankful. Here's the thing, in other countries, many of which are dear to my heart, people like Bachmann don't simply go on television and rant, they have very large guns and friends with very large guys. The same hateful jingoism you see running through the following screed, is the exact same jingoism that leads to massacres in other parts of the globe.

Fortunately we live in a nation of laws and relative sanity, which allows Bachmann to rant her heart out and me to laugh at her while I prepare dinner. Yes I know, don't laugh to hard, son. We have our own history and we have to stay on guard. But still we've gotten better.