Those who choose to judge, but lack pizazz

After reading some comments, I went back and looked at that line about Wynton Marsalis. Blogging is one of those things where you really often respond emotionally, and sometimes, I find myself writing things (usually out of anger) that should be retracted. But I meant that line about Wynton. For better or worse, I'm a hip-hop patriot. I know only a little about what he's done for jazz, and so on that, I have no comment. But in terms of hip-hop, his flagrant ignorance was always distasteful to me.

It always amazed me that a guy could watch a few videos of 50 or Luda and then hold forth on hip-hop and be taken seriously. I'd love to see the response if I copped, say, Miles's Bitches Brew and then went on to talk about how much jazz sucked. I hope I'd be shouted down. But fair is fair, no? Ignorance in a three-piece suit is as bad as ignorance in a track-suit. And now some words from my youth.