The Brown Bag Unbound

Haitian sensation, Afronerd, and all around friend of the room Evan Narcisse is the only person who understands the true significance of Barack Obama:

I had a high-yellow friend who always used to say that light-skinned brothers are gonna make a comeback. Just wait, he'd say, the halcyon days of Al B. Sure will return. I never realized how prophetic he was.

That's what the I'm talking about. All you Morris Chestnut chocolate boy wonders. All you Denzel Washington mocha macks. All you Mekhi Phifer/Omar Epps/Michael K. Williams/Derek Luke/Pete Rock mofos, I got two words for you--Time's. Up.

Of course, this only applies to dudes. I'm straight Jungle Brothers 1989, rocking that "Blacker The Berry" isht. Lauryn Hill--pre-crazy--is the master mold. But all ya'll Idriss Elba mofos need to back up. Christopher Williams is in the house. Khalil Kane mercs Pac. Kid beats Play. Grab your Sportin' Waves, and stocking caps. Break yo'self, fool.

UPDATE: Here's what I mean...You didn't play, you just got played out...