Rachel Maddow--Made Of Win

Truly awesome. John Madden watch out.

UPDATE: What is Ed Rendell's angle? Obama and co. were literally just in Pennsylvania. The state is important, no doubt, but the idea that Barack should be fighting there, instead of Flordia...I mean, maybe. One of the great things about this year is that the Obama cats have found so many routes to victory. Again, not arguing that Pennsylvania should be taken for granted, but this isn't 2004 or 2000. Is this just about preserving the importance of his state? For instance, is the flipside of the 50 state strategy a diminishing of the Big Three? And does that somehow diminish Rendell?

I get guarding against overconfidence, but that isn't the same as doubt. I hear a lack of confidence in Rendell. I'm not sure why. He shouldn't be arrogant about an Obama win, but he should be confident.