Two posts on the subject, and its creepy to do analysis at a time like this, but I do think that this e-mail I received is on point:

Providence keeps providing Obama with pathways to excellence and McCain with trails to failure.  Now Obama gets to show McCain how to interrupt his own campaigning, maintain the campaign at full tilt, gain tremendous sympathy for his empathy and love (older voters are just going to swoon over this one) and revisit his thoroughly Kansan roots, all the while appearing perfectly and consistently logical.  There will be comparisons with McCain's dumb stunt and none of them will be favorable.  I would like to see the inevitable ugly spin from Limbaugh, Malkin and the hateful fringe.

Not me. At any rate, no one is saying Obama asked for this, or is even implying that he's exploiting it. But it's very hard to miss the parallels.

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