Obama looking at 270

He can now potentially win even without Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida:

As we pointed out on Friday, the significance of moving Colorado and Virginia into Obama's column is this: If Obama wins those two states, plus Nevada, he can still get to 270 -- even if he loses Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Truly, truly shocking. Pre-Iowa I was a skeptic. Post-Iowa--and really post-South Carolina--I thought he could do anything. And now let's give credit where credit is due. Howard Dean. He caught way too much shit for that comment about Confederate Flags and pickup trucks. He was the wrong guy to execute the plan. He was right--even if he was the wrong guy to execute the strategy. Barack Obama is now the candidate of white people who say nigger, but have lost their jobs, retirement and health care. Amazing. We don't have to like each other to realize that we could all sink together. H/T to TPM