McCain Thuggism Pt.348484

OK, not so much thuggism. But incredible, incredible ignorance. Courtesy of Andrew, of course, who's been on it when it comes to the thug-watch. I'm working hard here not to slander conservatives. This isn't the whole base, but this is pretty vile, and its McCain's most motivated supporters. Incredible. Note how she buys the CRA line that conservatives have been pushing.

UPDATE: Again, watching this, I'm not feeling much anger. It's just incredibly sad. Just really sad. This is either 1.) The past, and this is sad, because these guys are being left behind or 2.) The end. And thus sad because this country is going to eat itself. Also, as I've said before, I don't ever want to hear any talk about conspiracy theories, culture of ignorance, or anything like that in reference to that black community. We've all got our issues.