Jeff responds to my interpretation of his piece:

There's no mercy for the weak in the Middle East; if America ducks out of Iraq in a way that makes it look like it is actually ducking out of Iraq, well, you won't want to be an American in the Middle East, believe me. Of course, if America stays in Iraq, you might also not want to be an American in the Middle East.  More thoughts later; right now I'm busy picking up my 401(K) off the floor.

It's a good point, and one people like me tend to overlook. One of the cool things about Lawerence Wright's Looming Tower is how he indicts U.S. policy but still notes that there are actual crazies there who do hate America for its freedom. My problem has always been this--at this point, I could not send my son to fight in this war. Like a lot of Americans, I felt different at the start. But I just couldn't do it now.

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