Is Ed Rendell still pissed?

I'm not sure what Obama did to him. Or maybe this is just what happens:

"The proudest accomplishment I'll look back on is the seven-week campaign we ran for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania," Rendell said. About half of the several hundred people at the outdoor rally applauded.

"I have never seen a seven-week campaign catch fire the way that campaign did," Rendell went on. A smaller number of people clapped.

"It was wonderful to see people who would tell me, 'I'm never voting for Hillary Clinton,' by the end of that seven weeks were avid Hillary Clinton supporters," Rendell continued. This time nobody applauded.

Rendell was not quite done. "In Washington, D.C., if we lose all of our supporters, all the people who look out for us, there will be one man left standing," he said, "but that man will be a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Clinton tried to take over the microphone, uttering a "Whoa!" to admire the crowd -- but Rendell reclaimed the floor. "One last time!" he shouted, leading the crowd in a chant of "Hillary! Hillary!"

I wonder if this has something to do with the following: A central tenet to the argument against Obama was that he was this effete liberal who could only get the votes of blacks and the over-educated (Paul Begala's "African-Americans and Eggheads" assertion). Back then it was thought that Obama would have trouble with Jews, Latinos and white people who didn't go to Harvard. Whatever happens over the next few weeks, that claim now looks ridiculous. And so the fact of the matter is that these guys didn't just support the losing candidate, their argument is daily being exposed as hogwash. They weren't just wrong about the primary--they were incredibly wrong about the general.

Hillary Clinton ran the most successful presidential campaign ever launched by a woman. But these guys need to believe something more. It's like the world is changing under their feet, and even if the change is good for liberals, they can't accept it. Take a look at Fivethirtyeight. I don't know if that will hold up, but who will these people be when the walls fall down? What will these people say if Obama actually gets more white voters than Kerry? If his win trumps Bill Clinton's? What will they say if their "hard-working white voters" chose a Hyde Park liberal? What will they call themselves?