I hold the microphone like a grudge

OK folks live blogging starts now. I'd be shocked if McCain doesn't do well. I'd also be shocked if Obama tries to run out the clock. I really think he's going for the kill--even if its killing him softly. Also I'm on Pacific time, Don't let it freak you out.

7:34 Man he seems wobbly. Does McCain want to be president or not? Where is that killer instinct?

7:31 Killer end on bio. This will be hard for McCain to follow.

7:22 From Fallows:

Two minutes ago, McCain half-pointing at Obama and calling him, in the third person, that one.

The sense of seeing in real time a gesture that will be regretted for a long time.

I missed that. Did anyone else catch it?

7:10 Man, everytime Obama talks the bar for women just shoot up. I don't want to be sexist, but come on ladies, you ain't heard a word he said! Admit it! Your just thinking "He's soooooo dreammmyyyy..."

7:09 OK, McCain sounded good on the military. He actually seemed to believe. Here's a thought--maybe McCain is actually only interested in one part of the president job--the military part.

7:03 The "I don't understand" counter--he should have pounded harder. He could have drilled Johnny Mac on that one.

7:01  A question from the room:

Someday, TNC, you're going to have to tell us the genesis of "weak sauce." I've been using that phrase for the past month or so, and hopefully in the right context.

I can't take credit for that. I'm a recovering World of Warcraft addict. I got it from the kids there. I've been gone for a year now, but still I hear it calling me...

6:55 The hair-transplant joke, uhm, awkward...

6:54 I feel bad, but I agree with Josh, this debate is boring. I think things are solidifying, it's hard to see anyone being swayed by anything happening tonight It's about issues though! Hey Deborah! Hi David!

6:44 Sister got the ball. She ain't fumbling. Good question. Meanwhile, I kind of think--just judging by the dials--people just don't like McCain. I don't think it has anything to do with his answers. I think it actually is about his aspect, his bearing.

6:42 Why does he think that cheap laughter is appealing?

6:39 Or not.

6:37 Obama is just looking at McCain like he's nuts. I smell a nasty counter. Also, McCain needs to avoid the canned puns.

6:35 Meh Barry, you're rambling. Focus, kid.

6:32 Boy they teed this one up for Barry. Still no Bacevich...

6:31 Man I'd love to hear an invocation of Bacevich here.

6:30 Again with the overhead projector!

6:23 The overhead projector crack was weak-sauce. Lame. Sooo lame.

6:22 Am I wrong, or does McCain look a step too slow? He just seems deenergized. Maybe it's just me.

6:17 But it likely will get worse before better, no? That "not surprisingly" line was a nice shot. The kid is smooth. The dagger of venom baby.

6:12  Oh man, a brother's got the ball. Fumbles English 101. Meh, who am I to talk...

6:11 Boy, Barry's on the attack...

6:09 I thought McCain did good on the first answer. Got beyond tax cuts and more tax cuts. But that joke was lame.