By the time I get to Arizona

If it's a wall in the way just watch me go through it: :

Is it possible that John McCain could lose his home state of Arizona, which has only voted Democratic once in the last 50 years? A new poll from Arizona State University puts McCain ahead, but also suggests that an Obama win is not at all out of the question.

The numbers: McCain 46%, Obama 44%, within the ±3% margin of error. The previous ASU poll from a month ago put McCain up 45%-38%.

Other recent polling has shown a close race, too. Rasmussen has McCain up 51%-46%, down from a 59%-38% lead a month ago.

When I saw this I knew I wanted to post the P.E. joint. But then I rewatched the video and saw how out of touch it is with where we are today. I don't mean that as a dis--P.E. existed in the era of Rodney King, Willie Horton, crack and babies making babies. We were just so angry. Another thing that comes across in the video is the shame many of us younger folks felt, back then, when thinking about the Civil Rights movement.

I know this sounds crazy, but a lot of us weren't proud of folks like John Lewis. We saw them as extending courtesies to utter and complete savages. Sista Souljah captures the feeling when she calls King, "a black man who tried to teach white people the meaning of civilization." Living in Baltimore, watching all that old black and white tape of dogs sicced on women and children, and of Southeners spitting and cursing at black folks marching somberly, I really felt that then. Oh man, how much shit has changed. May it continue to change too.