I'm headed to the Bay Area for a week. Where can I get a decent cut?

UPDATE: Sorry folks, was on a plane out west all day. I'm out here now at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. Nothing public, regrettably, though I'm starting to think when I travel I should do meet-ups. The better to meet all five of my readers. Anyway, I would pull something together impromptu, but I'm here with Kenyatta. And when not with her, I'm gonna be closing a piece for the magazine. I'll be back at the start of the year, hawking the paperback of my memoir. Thanks for all the recommendations.

And yeah, about the Cowboys. I think that trade for Roy Williams is going to haunt us for a couple years. Giving up a first-rounder for a WR, when the defense is getting gashed week in and week out, was stupid.

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