Barry stays cool

Consider that just yesterday someone yelled "He's a nigger" at a Palin rally. Here is Obama responding to the second plot against his life:

"I think what has been striking in this campaign is the the degree to which these kind of hate groups have been marginalized," he said. "That's not who America is. That's not who our future is."

"What I've found is people here don't care what color you are," Obama said of Western Pennsylvania. "What they're trying to figure out is who can deliver. It's just like the Pttisburgh Steelers: they don't care what color you are, they just want to figure out, can you make the plays?"

Pitch perfect. Make the loons, the crazies, and the stuffed-monkey handlers the marginal figures. They aren't the future. Obama shouldn't waste a word on those loons. Leave that to people like me. And truth be told, I'm having trouble thinking of anything good to say. Part of that is because in declaring these dudes irrelevant dead-enders is the ultimate dis. As Jay would say, they only get half a bar.

UPDATE: A couple posters have noted that no one called Barack a nigger--apparently they were calling him a redistributor. Frankly, I'd rather be a nigger--that is if you can say it right. But that's just me. Anyway, thanks for keeping me honest guys.