Wolfson on Obama

Hmmm, this is interesting. When I read this I moved immediately into criticism mode, but I want to back up and think on it for a second. I do wish he had said more, but I think he also earns points for being candid. Read it yourselves folks. Lemme know what you think.

UPDATE: I basically agree with what's said below, and think Wolfson gets points for being straight. It feels like what he's saying is they never took Obama seriously. Whenever you see a huge upset, that's mostly the case. My buddy Jelani Cobb explains it this way, "Clinton was Tyson. Obama was Buster Douglass." It's not that Obama was unbeatable. But he came up with a perfect strategy--one that still would have probably failed had the Clinton campain been in top form. Having never thoroughly studied your opposition is like a boxer not adequately training.