Word is that some Rep. from Minnesota has officially picked up this idea that minorities are responsible for the financial crisis. I can't find any real account of what this woman said, and am thus hesitant to jump on her for it. I guess the Hill has an article on it, but it's behind a curtain. If you guys find a hard source please post it in comments. Suffice to say she could be critical of the CRA without blaming "blacks." I kind of doubt it--but still...

I just watched that Cavuto clip. The racism of it is pretty shocking. I don't know if I even can get my head right to take this on. This is why some Jewish people get on that "Never Forget" "Never Again" shit. This "blame the blacks" angle is rooted in an ugly history in which, usually during times of economic distress, white thugs burned down black neighborhoods. They were almost always incited by racist media. Cavuto is doing his part--"loaning to minorities is a disaster." What an ugly disgusting, human being.

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