In case you guys are wondering:

I'm refraining from commenting on what's obviously the most important story of the last week, and possibly the most important story of the next decade or more, because I have no expertise on a subject that requires real expertise to discuss intelligently, and thus nothing useful to add to the reams of commentary being produced by people who understand the situation - to the extent that anyone does - far, far better than I do. Like James Poulos, I stand ready to offer vaporous commentary on American culture and society that may or may not relate to the current crisis - but only after the crisis itself is at least some distance in the rearview mirror.

Discretion is the better part of not sounding stupid. My greatest fear is coming off like one of those "political strategists" who think that politics is little more than another trip to State. This is not a game. I think it'd be best if I didn't treat it like one.

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