I don't get this. What makes the McCain people think that Sarah Palin is any more fluent on the economy than she is on foreign policy? She wasn't any better on those bailout questions than she was on Russia? Remember that notorious "get back to ya" response? Wasn't that on the economy?

But more to the point, I could wrong about this, but Gwen Ifill may be the last person in the entire field of journalism I would expect to care about "having questions to answer." There is some very off-color language I would likely use to describe this situation, but I don't know Ifill like that, and out of respect, I'll refrain. Suffice to say, she really ain't the one. First, she isn't from one of the major networks or cable. Second, she's always struck me as pretty tough and fair-minded. Wasn't she the one who sliced Cheney in that last presidential debate?

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