The end of the beer track/wine track idiodicy

Here's Obama and Biden responding to a dumb-ass statement by Steve Kroft:

""But you tried really hard to reach these people,'' Kroft pressed. "You went and sipped beer, which I know you don't particularly like - I mean you even...

"Steve, I had a beer last night,'' Obama interjected. "I mean, where do these stories come from, man?"

"I'm the one... [that] doesn't drink," Biden added

"Where does the story come from that...I don't like beer? '' Obama asked. "C'mon, man."

Leaving aside the beauty of the fact that it's Biden who doesn't drink, you guys know I have a special--deep, deep-seated--hatred for campaign cliches. They represent, not simply lazy reporting, but an abuse of the English language. Everytime I hear some fool (and this includes Obama) drone on about "post-partisanship,": "the spirit of bipartisanship," "Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks voters," "soccer moms," "active grannies,"  I want to hurl my laptop at the wall. Campaign cliches are the mark of the reporter/analyst/operative who is too lazy to be bothered with--specifically--thinking about what he means, and instead just resorts to the easy-chair of half truth.

But of all the backward ass campaign cliches to be visited upon the American public, none is more pernicious than "beer track/wine track." What an utter abuse of metaphor. Look, I'm a liberal who lives in Manhattan. In my fridge-right now---you can find a six of Red Hook. I love beer, and instantly distrust anyone who doesn't. In fact, in college, I refused to date any girl who didn't drink beer. None of that Midori Melon and a salad bullshit for me; Nothing says sexy like a Sam Adams and chicken wings. I don't think I have a single friend (who isn't a recovering alcoholic) who doesn't like beer. Most of them drink wine too, but the official drink of young Manhattan liberals is beer, no question.

Moreover, I detect a hint of racism here. This false analogy leaves no place for the many tribes of black voters--"The Hennessey Track," "The Curvosier Track," "The MGD Track." Once again the media conspires to keep black folks out. And isn't just us. I mean among white folks, isn't there a "Pabst Blue Ribbon Track," a "Boons Track,"  a "Mint Julip" track. Come on big media. Where's the humanity???

UPDATE: It's on. How many "Tracks" can we get here?