Ta-Nehisi jocks himself

Indeed he is. Anyway, Baltimore City Paper just named The Beautiful Struggle the best book about Baltimore in its "Best of Baltimore" series. Now, I gotta be honest, I don't know how many books I was actually competing with. But, I used to read B-More City Paper when I was a lad coming up, so its quite an honor for them to sing my praises.

Since this is the time to brag, I'll tell you that, after reading the book, Walter Mosley said I was, "the James Joyce of the hip-hop generation." I'd rather be the "James Lofton of any generation" Joyce wasn't quite the deep threat that Lofton was in his later years, but I greatly appreciate the kind words. Also for those B-More Bad Boys (does anyone remember those Starter caps and fitteds custom made for each city?) in the house, I'll be in the area (that's erryah for the uninitiated) next week. On Thursday, I'll be at the Johns Hopkins University bookstore. On Saturday, I'll be at the Baltimore Book Festival with my Pops. Damn, it's gonna be good to get back home. I'm gonna stuff myself on Mo's crabcakes and the meditate in Mondawmin Mall.

Anyway this presents yet another chance to link to the excerpt and the trailer. Check it out.