You would think, given the plethora of movies and television shows dealing with the supernatural, super-heroes or plain-old geeks, that a old school role-playing Galaxy Rangers fan like me would be in heaven right now. When I was young we all dreamed of a day when Marvel comics would hit the big-screen, and Robotech would be canon. Clearly that day is upon us. And yet when faced with the onslaught of nerd-fare, increasingly my reaction has been an unrestrained, "Meh." I don't much care about government agents investigating the unexplained. I have no idea why any sensible human population would live near a town of vampires. I thought Robert Downey Jr. was transcendent in Ironman, which was entertaining, but ultimately a little shallow. I'm not sure what's happening to me here. I should be worshiping Hollywood right now. Instead I've cut off my cable, thrown out my television, and canceled my WoW account. What's happening to me? Am I just old?

UPDATE: Sorry that's about True Blood not Buffy. Whedon is great--his run on X-Men was incredible. Also, why am I completely unexcited about the new Star Trek?

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