I don't know how exercised to really be about the McCain campaign's ridiculous argument that reporters should show "respect and deference" to Sarah Palin. I urge plenty of the former, but virtually none of the latter. But anybody who's being covered has the right to look out for their own interests, certainly the press will look out for its own interests--even if that interest doesn't necessarily coincide with producing a compelling story. I'll save my outrage for Charlie Gibson should he whiff  during the interview. Unlike Josh, I don't much care that he isn't asking about her family--I just don't want him to go out like a punk. We've heard a lot of bloviating about what the press should have done in the run-up to the war. There's only one way to make amends--stop bitching about McCain's tactics and do your job. Candidates are adversaries of the press, not partners.

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