Obama and the racist vote

This topic crops up once a month it seems. And so we have a furious debate, again, over how much racism will cost Obama in November. Hmm, well it'll probably cost him something, but this seems to me to be a giant unknowable. I also agree that there are some transperency issues here.

But there iis something else here also--Obama, as a black man, has to have already considered all of this and just put it out of his mind. Most black folks can't afford to sit around and calculate how much racism is actually affecting their lives--it would be like a running back going out and thinking, on every play, about how hard he was going to get hit. We have to live. So the bottom line for me, and for a lot of black Obama supporters is simple--the kid has to win. He just has to do it.

Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about white racists. I don't want Obama out there playing to them, but at the same time I don't want the rest of us living in fear of them. Put plainly--fuck a racist. I will not spend days worrying over some knucklehead in Ohio who's convinced himself that I'm the reason he got laiid off and his kids are failing out of school. That dude is gonna do, what racists do--something stupid. The question is what will the rest of us do?