Let's not get carried away here

John Dickerson on Palin:

Sarah Palin was relentless in her speech Wednesday night. She drilled Barack Obama, elites, San Francisco, the press, and civil libertarians. She even went after Michelle Obama. And she did it all with a smile and a little mischief. Republicans have been flummoxed because Obama seems untouchable, but Palin may have found an effective way to criticize him--while becoming an elusive target in her own right.

No less than a month ago, I was hearing that with the "celeb strategy," Republicans had finally discovered how to attack Obama. Look, as I said, I think Palin gave a fine speech. But this idea that Democrats should be "scared" looks like a weird case of projection.

A lot of Dems will go to bed nervous tonight. They should.

Hmmm, I guess. But let me take a swing--this is nothing more than pundit insurance. Frankly, it's easy to talk up the virtues of the underdog. If they get stomped, you lose nothing because the favorite was supposed to win anyway. If they hold their own, but still lose, you're redeemed. If they win you get to do the "I told you so" dance. This is the real source of these "Everything is good for McCain" stories. It's just pundits watching thier ass.