Kenyatta just called and told me the blog made The Approval Matrix, New York Magazine's "deliberately oversimplified guide to who falls where on our taste hierarchies." I would love to play low-key and act like this isn't a big deal. But you guys know me well--I'm all Thanksgiving, lazy Sundays and hot July.

Still, when I was 12, and imagining a day when I could laugh about getting chased by North and Pulaski or dissed by yet another Tamika , I didn't imagine it like this. I thought I'd be smoother, richer and taller. I got the taller part right, at least. Of course, I also thought I'd be feted by girls with fat nameplate earrings, tennis skirts and hot pink Air Maxes. Instead I'm here on this ordinary day doing laundry and defusing rumors of my son brushing his teeth with cleaning products. It is grand, isn't it?

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