Carson Palmer

Dog, get a new team. That was crazy. Any other NFL talk here. I think I'm gonna live blog the late game. Man, Palmer will never win anything with that franchise...

: Listening to this Eagles game. McNabb is murdering fools. 15/16 145 yards--it's only the first half.

UPDATE#2: Ugh. I nodded off and now Donovan is hurt, I guess. Kevin Kolb is in.

8:24 And here we go...

8:26 Nice hit by Pacman. But that was big hole Grant ran through. Still a recovered fumble is good.

8:35 Better stop that run, they got Ryan Grant looking like LT out there.

8:42 Man we better find a pass-rush. That was a straight coverage sack.

8:54 I like that call on the reverse option. But Madden's right--you're not sneaking T.O. anywhere. I'd like to see that pass go somewhere else

9:01 Dumb, dumb throw. Just take the three. He wasn't even under pressure. Romo says Favre was his hero. That's exactly what scares me.

9:07 I think it's pretty clear that the right thing letting Favre go. I like how Rodgers is so much more chill than Favre was. As a Cowboy fan, I loved playing against him because Favre is the sort of dude who just loves to wing it--much like Romo just did, and with similar results.

9:25 I can't tell how good Felix Jones is. Is he just a great 3rd down guy--a'la Dave Megget/Eric Metcalf? Or is he actually as nasty as he looked on that run. More impressive than that Jones touchdown was T.O. running the whole way. More impressive than that was T.O.--after being blocked to the ground--getting up and making the tackle 50 yards down field on that Romo INT.

10:11 Good Lord. How do you leave Donald Driver that open? 50 yards.

10:49 Man Witten is just money.

10:53 And folks that's game. 51 yard TD to Miles Austin. The Packers will not score three times in the 4th.