Liveblogging starts now folks. Let's go.

10:55 I keep hearing this "Obama kept agreeing with McCain, he should stop that next debate." Obama should not listen to these people. He got his licks in, and he did them looking directly at McCain. He should not be dragged into petulance.

10:36 I like the invocation of his father--ties him to the American mythos. Of course McCain hits back with POW POW POW...

10:30 This "You don't understand," "You don't know the difference between a tactic and strategy" may have worked if Iraq had not been a debacle. This is a CHANGE election, not a status quo election.

10:12 I like that Spain line. I think this "don't talk to anyone" line is a loser, it was a loser in the primaries, it's a loser now.

10:05 McCain's tie is better.

10:00 Boy McCain sounds punchdrunk. On another note, Obama flubbed the young man's name. Not good.

9:55 Nice riposte "extinction for North Korea...Songs about bombing Iran..."

9:51 The dagger of venom again--"That is a strategic mistake..."

9:46 I'm sorry maybe I am drinking the Kool-Aid but Obama is hanging tough on this Iraq thing. In other news, Deborah is a great commenter.

9:41 Obama swinging swords on Iraq. He's confident on an issue that Dems so often back away from.

9:40 Boy this "Lessons of Iraq" answer is rambling. I expected McCain to hit this one out the park. He's just blathering.

9:37 Heh a buddy of mine just sent me an M.O.P. reference to Obama in the debate "Kidnap that fool. Get em! Get em! Get em!"

9:29 It really feels like the only thing that McCain is really excited about (in reference to the economy) is government spending. I don't think people watching the past week think that "government spending" is what's really ailing us.

9:18 McCain strong on earmarks. Not that I agree. But he came alive and clearly seems to care.

9:14 Roofies are a gateway drug?

9:10 Wow. Standing strong on that Chris Cox thing. Kinda shocking. I thought McCain would back off of that.

9:07 Obama strong and direct early. McCain is wobbly. Sometimes the narrative is just true. This isn't McCain's area.

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