UPDATE: Changed this a bit.

OK, the album is really growing on me. Starting to fit in that category I outlined earlier where I don't like it at first, but I can't stop listening. Commenter Justin described it like this:

That's how I bought my first Coltrane album, A Love Supreme. I remember standing in the used CD store at the disc player they had up front where shoppers could sample their future purchases.

About two minutes in, I thought, 'Wow, this guy has no rhythm. What's the big deal about him?'

About four minutes in, I thought, 'Why am I still listening?'

About ten minutes in, I thought, 'I think I hate this, but I'm buying it.'

Only it took me a few days. You know it's good when you get touched like that. When I was young, I knew I'd been hit when all my prejudices told me no, but I moved in spite of it, not even really understanding what was happening. I don't mean that "she starts fights at the club but she's really sexy" sort of deal. I mean that, "this isn't who I pictured myself liking" thing, It's great to get hit that way. It's like you've seen something so beautiful that it actually unveils something to you that was always hidden within you.

I still think "Crying" is the stand-out track. That guitar-riff is funky as hell, and just sets the whole thing off. I was sitting here working when that cut came on, and it hit me so hard that I just randomly yelled out "God Damn." I know awful. Hope I'm not offending my religious contingent. 

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