Well not really a hater. I more so hate a particular breed of Patriot fake-ass fan that's materialized in the last decade. I saw a gaggle of them at the sports bar yesterday--the sort of mofos in Moss jerseys who don't know the half about John Hannah, Steve Grogan or Ronnie Lippett.

Anyway, I think anyone who truly hates the Patriots should be really upset about Tom Brady's injury. As my good friend (and die-hard Bills fan) Eyal Press said to me yesterday--if you're a true fan, you to see your team beat the Patriots at their best. You want to take on the Franks under Charlemagne, not under Lothar. Manning's Super Bowl is special because he beat Brady on the way. Ditto for the other Manning and the Giants. The first Dallas Super Bowl of the 90s would not have sucked if it hadn't been Jim Kelly or even Thurman Thomas out there.

Basic decency aside, I can't see how any real fan of a team, or any fan of the NFL, could want to see Tom Brady out for the season.

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