It's true that the McCain campaign is using sexism as a cover. But I just saw the fake bikini pics of Sarah Palin, while scrolling through Huffington Post. I know HP isn't responsible for the photoshop job, but they should still take them down immediately. In the words of Biggie and my beloved mother, HP is dead wrong. Either sexism is wrong--or it isn't. It can't just be wrong when it happens to Anita Hill.

We are getting into some murky water in terms of protocol. I debated not even naming the site, and then settled on naming it but not offering a link. There's also the Mike Murphy\Peggy Noonan debacle. I decided not to link because I thought those guys were off-the-record and it feels icky to capitalize on a technical glitch. But the net is the wild west. I'm not sure if there are any rules...

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