Words from the Arch-Bishop

Frequent commenter Deborah sums up the smart approach to Palin:

Don't underestimate her. Give her plenty of credit, and let her hang herself with enough rope. At least if she doesn't, you're then playing on equal footing, rather than pouting about how she fooled everyone.

One good thing about Obama's campaign is that they specialize in the deft touch. I am worried about Biden in a debate with her, but these guys know how to tear someone down and have the media only catch on to it weeks later--think about their high/low strategy of hitting McCain with "smart-ads" that neither play nationally nor are screened for media.

This is a situation that calls for the Dagger of Venom, not the Horn of Blasting. Word up. We talking to you, Goldfarb. Smacking fire at your ass, Tiamat-style. Know what I'm saying, kid? Somehow, I think you do.