When you have nothing to say about Barack Obama

Just make some shit up:

we still have not taken the measure of Obama: What sort of man is he? He is famously the man from everywhere, which means nowhere. He has a great and moving personal story, but he seems to withhold something -- to not need you as much as you need him. This is the essence of charisma: a cold love that goes only one way.

This is how a columnist says that he doesn't like you while maintaining a scintilla of credibility amongst your equally vapid Washington scribblers. When you're too weak to just out and say you hate somebody's guts, you just pull together as many strawmen as you can find. "The man from everywhere, which means nowhere," is barely functional English. Seriously I would flunk a high school freshman for writing that. "Obama, seems to withold something." Really? Maybe he used to be a druggie? Maybe he was born to a single mom? Maybe he used to belong to a church that was unapologetically black? I think Obama should write a memoir which would then be hailed as penetrating and reflective. Yeah, that would get Cohen on his side