Uhm, wrong Atlantic blogger

A mistaken commenter wanders across the tracks:

It's all very good that patriotic Americans play D&D. I'm just not sure how that, you know, detracts from Goldfarb's point that the Andrew Sullivan led attack on McCain's Cross story has absolutely no backing in fact and that their original effort (the Solzhenitsyn angle) proved to be embarrassingly false.

Now that D&D players everywhere have been avenged, can we get back to the inconvenient fact that the people who are attacking McCain's Cross story are simply political hacks who have no evidence or reason to call the story into question?

But hey, you PWNED!!! (or however you spell it) Goldfarb so good for you!

Hmm, leaving aside the fact that we haven't talked much about the McCain Cross, and dude's frustration that Andrew doesn't allow comments, can someone tell this dude exactly what level of nerdom he's fucking with here? Get your little kicks making fun of the blacks, the Jews, the women, the gays, and the disabled Drw (or however you spell it). But the gamers, the gamers are off limits.