These are not the minorities you're looking for...


We've been hearing these "pretty soon white people won't be the majority" stories for years. I've always thought they had one big flaw--assuming that the idea of "whiteness" is this timeless, static thing. Of course, as an scholar of American immigration can tell you, this is basically false--and the New York Times knows it:

All the projections are subject to changing cultural definitions. The share of Americans who identify themselves as white, regardless of their ethnicity, will remain largely unchanged, declining from less than 80 percent in 2010 to about 76 percent when the majority-minority benchmark is reached in 2042.

Of course this note is buried under graffs and graffs of meditations on the impact of us becoming a majority-minority country. Meh. I'm not saying nothing will change. I'm just saying that we probably don't know what, or how.