Pretty nice piece from the Times on Clinton fund-raiser who aren't hopping on board with Obama. Sometimes when you see this stuff you just have and marvel at the pettiness:

Even as Mrs. Clinton prepared for her moment in the spotlight on Tuesday night, with a speech expected to offer a strong embrace of the nominee, the lingering rancor between the two sides appears to have intensified with the convention this week, with grousing from some Clinton fund-raisers about the way they are being treated here by the Obama campaign in terms of hotel rooms, convention credentials and the like.

Man, this is becoming almost literary in its dysfunction. One thing is clear. I completely underestimated the loyalty some folks feel for Clinton. I just watched a delegate from Maryland claim she might vote for McCain if the Clinton delegates weren't "respected." It's amazing. Folks would sell the freedom of their daughters for the right to be angry.

UPDATE: Forgot about this nugget of maturity:

Perceived snubs leading up to the convention have not helped. Only a handful of Clinton donors got rooms at the coveted Ritz Carlton, where the biggest Obama fund-raisers are staying.