Obama pulls a Sista Souljah. Again.

Because denouncing a rapper who calls your colleague a "bitch" after a primary charged with gender and race, clearly is an attempt to garner white voters by showing that your not in the pocket of Teh Blacks:

Likewise, the Obama campaign immediately denounced "Politics" and suggested that "while Ludacris is a talented individual, he should be ashamed of these lyrics."

So very Sister Souljah, with echoes of the 1992 presidential campaign, when Bill Clinton put that militant rapper on blast for her controversial remarks about racial violence. Clinton's public chiding was widely viewed as a successful play for centrist hearts and votes.

Are these guys even trying? The whole piece--premised on this idea that Obama has a consistently problematic relationship with hip-hop--is thin. But it's really the Sista Souljah thing that rankles. The term has become utterly meaningless. Apparently, it now includes everything from saying, in a black church, the same thing that black people say in barbershops to accepting an apology from one of your supporters who says something stupid.

I think my whole blog is a Sista Souljah move. How else can you explain me getting to the Atlantic?