Obama falling

Al Giordano on Obama fading. I've got a theory about all this, in terms of media. McCain's peeps are enjoying the coverage right now and lefties are grousing that they're giving the whole maverick thing a free ride. Probably not. What I know of political coverage is that, if there is any bias, it's weighted against whoever is in front. The "why isn't Obama pulling away?" story never made sense--except if you were cable news director and didn't want to say night after night "Obama up by five." When there's no action, you wonder why there's no action. But that has nothing to do with a grudge against Obama, it's the nature of front-runner status. Ideally what you want as a candidate is to stay slightly behind your opponent until, what, two weeks out or so? And then snuff him at the last minute. I don't know if Obama will have that option--but a constant five point lead was probably just as unsustainable, as a 15 point lead was unlikely.