More Isaac Hayes

A nice note from a reader riffing on the folly of the youth:

A few days ago you wrote in your post of discovering Isaac Hayes via a sample of one of his songs in a hip hop piece.  Having  turned 55 on the same day, all I could say was "Yikes" as my introduction to Hayes was the summer party in someone's basement on the south side of Chicago the summer before college, when we girls quickly learned that the opening bars of the endless "Walk on By" was the signal to scramble near a brother you wanted to dance with or far away from one who had come to the party straight from the basketball court.
Just now I heard that when asked to name his favorite song, Barack Obama responded "'Ready or Not' by the Fugees."  What?  Someone tell Chuck Todd to subtract 1 vote if my Illinois Senator doesn't publicly acknowledge in the near future that the real "Ready or Not" was recorded by the Delfonics when Lauryn Hill was still a twinkle in someone's eye.
I'm the one who forwards my adult children and community college students articles and posts from the blogosphere, which had me, for a minute, convinced that 55 was the new, well, 45.  But now you and the Senator have dragged me back to LPs and 8 Tracks.   Thanks, youngblood.
You'll understand when your son lets it slip that D and D is old school.