McWhorter v. Loury on Obama

Nice exchange. (Fixt) At least on Obama, I'm with McWhorter. I don't think there's anything magical about it. So much of the stress of being black is cutting on CNN and hearing about fools making it rain. So even now, it's quite simple: For the first time in recent history the most famous black man in America isn't dribbling a ball or acting a fool.

Watch the whole thing. I think Loury, who I've long admired, has a visceral dislike of Obama which I can't process. The is why the "One Who Speaks For Them All" thing is flawed. There so many ways of looking at black existence from the inside. Loury's experiences are so much different than mine--even if he is a black man on the left--and thus how we see Obama and what we expect are totally different.