McCain VP Thread

11:38 Damn, a brother can't even get in a jog without news breaking. Sarah Palin it is.

9:53 TNC headed out for a run. I'm in beautiful Denver and haven't gotten any miles in since I've been here. Back in an hour or so. Remember--Only you can fight forest trolls. Do the right thing guys.

9:42 CNN is reporting that sources point to Palin. Mostly by process of elimination, it looks like.

9:00 No Sarah Palin, looks like. Cats are talking Joe Lieberman. God, I so hope it's him. Do it. Do it. Do it.

8:32 Now they're talking Ridge. On another note, damn those freecreditreport commercials are annoying. When did corny-ass music become a credible sales pitch? I'm so out of touch.

8:25--NBC is talking Sarah Palin. Chuck Todd says Romney and Pawlenty are out. I wanted Romney, and I thought Pawlenty was the best bet. But apparently it's neither. Damn, I really wanted to see a Romney vs. Biden debate. Biden would have decapitated him.