11:08 Pity Juan Williams. Just made the mistake of turning to him on Fox. He's supposed to be the liberal over there, but he's going hard after Barack. It's really sad, not because he disagrees, but because he disagrees with him on nothing substantial. He just attacked the dude for not mentioning MLK enough. Sad.

11:00 I know I said it--but the fact that Barack's family is so multiracial is just starting to hit me. You know blackness can be blinding, for so long that's what I saw. Not saying it wasn't important. But there's just so much more at work there.

10:56 Goddamn. Owned. And all that other good shit. Dude he killed. That didn't even feel half as long as folks said it would be. In the words of Wu--shackling the masses with drastic rap tactics.

10:54 Was wondering when he'd get to MLK. Also, best comment of the night from AJ:

"It's about you." Holy shit. I'm in love!

Is that gay?

10:49 Props on the Gay/Lesbian deal. What he's doing here is exposing the inhumanity of strict ideology. He's fixing his opponents in one place, while he dances and jabs.

10:46 Man he's in the zone. I actually fear for McCain having to give a speech at the end of the GOP convention. And now he takes it to him directly, "I've got news for you John McCain. We all put our country first."

10:42 "John McCain likes to say he'll follow Gates of Hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives." Delivered with feeling. He's bringing the battle-axe tonight. Not the dagger.

10:39 I like the individual responsibility going from the environment to the kids. At least the Negroes didn't bear the brunt of it tonight. McCain has no answer for that line. Once he concedes individual responsibility, I think it gets hard to argue that the government should do nothing. That's why that "You're on your own" riff was great.

On another note, damn, I wish he would pick up that "Candidate McCain" joint that Kerry used the other night.

10:37 I'm the only one in the world bored by policy in political speeches. I know. But I hate it. It's not like you can''t see dude's platform.

10:31 That "On your own" riff was great. He's hammering McCain.

10:25 Great line--"It's not that John McCain doesn't care. It's that he doesn't get it."

10:23 "A nation of whiners." Biggest. Gaffe. Ever. What an idiot. The Dems are gonna just hammer McCain with that right to November.

10:22 Ugh, enough of the perfunctory praise for McCain serving. We get it. Nice pivot though. He turns right around and smacks him with the Katana Of Doom.

10:17 Man look at that rainbow portrait of a family. The other thing is, I never thought it would happen this way. Barack is like black--no question--and then, like, so much more.

10:14 And there it is. Official history. Obama accepts the nomination. Incredible. Never, ever saw this coming before 2004. After Powell declined, it looked like a "Next Lifetime" deal.

10:11 Nice intro--"City Of Blinding Lights." And I think I caught a look at Steve Atwater's name in the Broncos Ring of Honor. Man get dude into the HOF now. Remember him blasting the Nigerian Nightmare?

10:07 Film is cooly understated. I wish they had have gotten in the part where he told the dude on the floor of the Illinois legislature, "I'm gonna kick your ass!"

10:03 Heh, how do you know Barack is a black man? He just said he was more shaped by his father's absence than his presence. Kinda tragic that it goes down like that even when the cat is from Kenya.

10:01 I'm sorry. It sucks that Bill isn't there. Is Hillary in the house? Also, wasn't it dope yesterday when he said that Hillary had "rocked the house."

9:57 Dick Durbin comes out. Damn he must feel like a prophet.