Frankie gets a post

I think I get the logic of Obama supporters now calling for Hillary as VP. Obama isn't an angel, but in terms of hardcore, step on your throat, attack politics, it just ain't his game. Watch the video from yesterday, and then watch this video below where Obama brings up Wal-Mart. When I saw it, I was half glad--and then not. It's not that Obama isn't a fighter, but his weapon of choice is the dagger not the battleaxe. From "I'm looking forward to you advising me" to "They take pride in being ignorant," Obama is at his best when countering with humor.

If we're going down this muddy road, if we're going to be in the slop with these guys, if we're going to be trading mansions for Ayres, if nothing is going to be off limits, we really need somebody who is going to relish the dirty-work--someone who thinks of this as the "fun part." This is Hillary's greatest strength. She gets a lot of points for having cajones and being a tough woman. But that idea misses the point and gives her male colleagues more credit than they deserve. Clinton isn't a better fighter than Barack--she's a better bar-fighter. Barack wants to dance like Ali. Clinton will pummel that ass Kimbo Slice style. It would be a great combo from that perspective. Notice the "we're just getting warmed up" part before she drops Rezko on him.

My only fear is that Clinton brings just so much baggage with her. Any Hillary supporter who thinks that Lanny Davis,  Bob Johnson and Bill Clinton were effective surrogates is smoking. Man with friends like those...The only way this could possibly work is if Bill and Lanny and co. stayed the eff away, or were very strategically deployed. Hillary couldn't control him in the primary. What makes us think Barack could control him in the general?