For the record

I've said many many times that my basic attitude toward "race-bases" Affirmative Action (in education) can be summed up as "meh." My biggest problem is that it expends tremendous political capitol to help those in the black community who need it the least. I think Obama summed up my view really well. I basically agree with everything he said. I'm not really interested in a debate about Affirmative Action at Harvard Law when black kids are dropping out of school at a truly shocking rate. I guess I favor class-based Affirmative Action, mostly because I don't believe my son should be given preferential treatment--at any point--over some poor white kid from Kentucky.

But here is the thing--people who think this will sell better because it's color-blind need to read up a bit. Ostensibly color-blind social programs like food stamps and welfare get colorized all the time. I also resent using Affirmative Action as some sort of Sista Souljah move, and--obviously--I especially resent the idea that it is somehow a reverse version of Jim Crow.

Obama's answer to Affirmative Action is about three minutes in.