Dude, just give her the roll-call vote

Nice piece from Anne Kornblut this morning on the behind the scenes pre-convention dealings:

The Obama and Clinton camps said this week that they agree on a central point: They would like to avoid an embarrassing display of discord from Clinton's most ardent backers when the national convention begins in just over two weeks. Conversations about how to achieve that have increasingly focused on the question of whether Clinton's name will be offered in a roll-call vote by delegates to determine the nominee, even though she has said she is not challenging Obama's claim as the party's standard-bearer.

You know what, he should just give in. Here is how the scene will play out. She'll get the roll-call vote, which will be news for a day or so. Then Barack will give an incredible speech at the convention--40 years after "I Have A Dream" no less--and the whole narrative will shift back to Obama. I don't see how this causes any long term damage. Clinton adherents get what the want, and the rest of us get to move on.